Don’t be afraid of international trade

The world is global now, you can contact anyone, anywhere within a few seconds. Use it to your advantage, don’t be afraid to buy solar lights from a supplier in a different country. You’ve never imported anything? That’s OK, they have. A supplier experienced in international trade will walk you through the importing process.

Buy from the real manufacturer

But here’s the tip – make sure this company is a manufacturer, not a trading company. Look at their website. Do they have production pictures? Do they explain what materials and methods they use? Do they take part in professional exhibitions? If the information on the website is too broad, run! 
Most of the suppliers you can find on the Alibaba website are trading companies. They don’t really understand the quality, specifications, safety standards and installation of the solar lights. What they do understand is how to buy things cheap and sell them to you expensive.

Check the manufacturer’s professionalism

Manufacturers you can find aren’t equally professional. A lot of them produce low quality product and provide virtually no customer service (again, you can find all those low quality manufacturers on Alibaba). A perfect supplier should own some conditions, and there are ways to check your supplier’s professionalism:
1. A Good corporate leaders
With excellent leaders, enterprises can develop healthily and stably.
2.High quality management
Enterprises with high quality and ability of management, the management of the enterprise is efficient, full of energy.
3.A stable staff group
The stability of the enterprise staff can guarantee the stability of product quality, as we all konw, the large flow of employee groups will have a considerable impact on the product quality.
4.Good technology
Enterprises not only need to have the quality of management personnel and good management, but also should have experienced innovative technical personnel. Only the technology continues to improve and innovation, can make the product quality more protection, material costs continue to decline.
5.Good management system
The science of the incentive mechanism, the smooth of the management channel, and the perfect management system can give full play to the enthusiasm of the people, so as to ensure that the whole of the supplier is excellent, the product quality is good, and its service is first-rate.
6. Good after-sales service
Good after-sales service is the key to establish and maintain the relationship between the supply and demand sides of the strategic partnership, and it’s also for the supply and demand sides to have a comunication on the product quality and other aspects of the exchange of information.
7. Delivery accuracy
The return rate of the supply of goods is low, that is, the delivery rate is high.
8.Quick response capability
With the application of information technology in supply chain management, the supplier's response to customer's demand information is much higher than the traditional management, which greatly improves the ability of the supplier to the customer's demand change.

Know what you will actually get with the price

It is common sense to choose the solar lighting products with the best quality/price ratio, but with such a complicated system most new customers have no idea how to calculate the quality/price ratio rate, here is advice on how to compare the prices quoted by different suppliers:
— Pay attention to the durable time of the solar lighting products they designed for you: many low quality solar lighting products manufacturers would give the customers designs with low battery, such low battery will seriously limit the durable time of solar lighting products that will be a short time; also imagine how the customer will feel when they have a activity at the garden, but the lights don’t shine.
Such a low level battery is destined to fail, but obviously the solar lighting products company that gives you such a design doesn’t care – on the 3D picture you can’t guess the scale, you just see a appearance of a solar light and doesn’t cost much.
— Compare the specification you get from different suppliers. Remember, high quality and durable use equipment will save you money long term.
At the end of the day what you want is the best quality for the best price. Don’t get distracted – it’s your money.

The last, but not the least important part of the process – installation

Make sure your supplier has a professional installation team. Even the best equipment, if installed incorrectly, might look ugly and/or eventually fall apart. To install solar lighting products equipment should be based on the instruction for installation.